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Has Your Terrazzo Floor Lost It’s Dazzle?

Polished Terrazzo FloorsFor as far back as the Golden Age of Rome, people have been using terrazzo as a flooring material because of it’s durability and charm.  This mosaic of marble is a favorite for warm climate homes where it lends a cool finish, commercial buildings that endure a lot of foot traffic, as well as museums and historical buildings that prefer it’s economical beauty.

It is because of the very ease of care that terrazzo offers over the long run, that this flooring material is left to dull and lose it’s pizzazz.  That’s where Rose Restoration can help.  But first, let us understand what terrazzo is…

Terrazzo is made from small pieces or marble mixed with Portland cement, at a ratio of two to one.  The surface layer of a terrazzo floor has extra marble chips that have been added during the installation process to cover nearly 70% of the exposed area, which gives it it’s elegant finish.

Because the surface of a terrazzo floor is primarily marble, from the marble chips, it requires polishing to maintain it’s beauty and shine.  The Portland cement is a porous material that should be sealed to prevent staining. 

If you have found that your terrazzo floor is lifeless, consider contacting Rose Restoration International, Inc.  For 30 years, Rose Restoration has been successfully polishing terrazzo floors.  Their marble experts can patch and repair terrazzo that has been covered by wall to wall carpeting, or damaged from daily wear and tear. 

Presently performing terrazzo restoration in some of the nations finest buildings, museums and hotels,  Rose Restoration is known by many as the ‘standard’ by which others are judged.  Thirty years ago, Richard Dasch, Founder and President, saw a need for marble and hard floor surface care that was not being met in the industry.  Today, most recognize Richard Dasch as a pioneer in marble, stone and terrazzo restoration.  With an acute sense for attention to detail, Rose Restoration is your best choice for terrazzo polishing, repair, maintenance and restoration.  Contact Rose Restoration today.

About the Author: Leslie Dasch is the VP of Marketing for Rose Restoration . For 30 years, Rose Restoration has performed fine Terrazzo Polishing & Terrazzo Floor Polishing for some of the nations finest hotels, both modern and historical. Rose Restoration is proud to have polished terrazzo in homes of 3 presidents, hundreds of Senators and Congressmen, ambassadors and our most important clients – people just like you. Your decision to choose Rose Restoration can be made with confidence. Rose Restoration's attention to detail, safety, and protection of your assets is what sets their award winning services apart from their competition.


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